Welcome to our new website

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Welcome to our new website which was launched at the beginning of April 2024. We hope that you will find it easier to use and more accessible than our old website.

We have also launched our new online consultation platform, “SystmConnect”.

SystmConnect replaces “eConsult” as our online consultation platform.

SystmConnect has several benefits over eConsult including:

  1. It integrates seamlessly with our medical records system which will make it much more efficient for our staff to use.
  2. Systmconnect is much easier for us to customise which will allow us to tailor the different consultation options more effectively.
  3. We will be able to offer more flexible opening times for the SystmConnect portal rather than the 8am-12.30pm on weekdays pattern that we previously had with eConsult.
  4. Whilst many patients have fed back that they like using online consultation platforms, one common complaint was that the portal asked lots of questions and was difficult to navigate. SystmConnect is much more straight forward to navigate with hopefully much clearer symptom choices to select from.

We will be trialling some of the SystmConnect functions in the first 1-2 weeks so please note that only “Administrative” submissions (including Med3 “Not fit to work notes”) will be possible to start with. We will launch the “Clinical” SystmConnect submissions later in April.

Please remember that SystmConnect is for routine requests only, if you require urgent/same day advice then please contact our reception team directly on 01234 273272.